Tuesday, 12 July 2011

tuesdays moments

+ i'm listening to Tiny Ruins - beautiful voice, music and sounds (especially for the head space i'm in right now)

+ i'm enjoying another cup of gen mai tea
+ i'm at my dads house, in the cold afternoon air
+ i'm looking forward to going down the hill to my house and lighting the fire and curling in for the night
+ i've been doing a little rejigging on my blog - do you read this in some reader form, head on over and check out the new set-up + pretty header image
+ i'm enjoying the quiet, slow, soft moments of the past few days with my family away and just the cat and me at home
+ the weather is continuing to be gloriously beautiful with clear clear blue skies and cold nights
+ the moon is slowly moving back to full again
+ i've been doing some small starts of some solar dyeing - some pieces of fabric folded into jars with assortments of things

i'm exploring experimenting adventuring and enjoying in a quiet way. i'm feeling a creativity slowly start back again, and learning to fit that into the quiet slow (busy) of the rest of my life. to work within what i have. i'm being inspired and encouraged that i'm not the only one.
*photos are an assortment from the past few days - from the proper big camera and the phone camera (including instagram images)


  1. Love the new look! You really had me puzzled with the dying photos (that doesn't sound good does it!) They look really neat. I'd love to try natural dyes, there's a book on it on my wishlist, but I really should check out the library in the meantime. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your new header Elle... a bit jealous tho! It looks beautiful!
    Glad your time alone has fuelled your creativity...

  3. You sound like you are very happy and peaceful Ellie.The dyeing will be sparking your creative self and if you feel like a little time away from home you are welcome here too :)x


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