Monday, 8 August 2011

counting small moments

The house is messy again, after yesterday morning spent tidying, cleaning, rearranging.... Messy again.

But I'm trying to count small moments. To ignore the dolls clothes spread in corner, the discarded school bag at the front door, the washing up that's piled up again, the bits and things and obscure mess that children make. The broken lid and handle on my favourite tea pot. The children having afternoon meltdowns + freakouts the moment we're home from the school bus pick up.

Small moments /
An afternoon cup of tea/
A newly graveled driveway + some plants put in today/
Beautiful blossoms we can pick for inside and also enjoy looking at on the trees outside/
Brilliant delicious fruit from trees on our land/
The fact that my teapot now looks like a sweet little creature/
New fish friends in our outside pond/
Brand new, blank journals full of possibilities/

It's all about learning to change my viewpoint / perspective / expectations. And learning to breathe through it all.

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  1. Seeing things a different way, without expectations...
    Take time to breathe today my love...

  2. Such a thoughtful post, it's wonderful to slow down and enjoy things. I usually find myself doing this mostly in the evenings and mornings which works for me.

    xox, C


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