Monday, 28 November 2011

Christmas Market at the beautiful Tweed Art Gallery

We're having a market at the Tweed River Art Gallery this coming Saturday. I hope you can come along to see the new bits and pieces we've been working on.

Sam and I got to handpick all the stallholders, so let me tell you - they are all talented artisans whose work you'll totally enjoy seeing. I plan on doing all the Christmas shopping there! (The rest I'll be handcrafting myself, of course.....).

So - come along. The view alone, from the gallery verandah is spectacular, and there are some excellent looking exhibitions on at the moment, that I can't wait to see myself.

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  1. So excited. I'll be there with bells on my darling xxx

  2. looks like it will be a gorgeous market! So wishing I could be there... wishing you good luck from this side of the world!! x

  3. It looks like it can only be FABULOUS. May the sun shine and the shoppers shop. Excessively!

  4. Hey Ellie, looks like a wonderful market ...Hope to see you there!If not all the best xx


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