Tuesday, 15 November 2011

sang the bird....

My dear darling sister, Leah has opened a new and beautiful online shop - with a sweet collection of carefully curated pieces. sang the bird houses cushions, tea towels, little purses and beautiful necklaces. Focusing on handcrafted and ethically designed products, Leah has chosen a small opening range of designers who make her heart sing. A little something special to feather your nest!

Leah also has a pretty little blog where she shares her inspiration, daily journeys, and lots of lovely beauty-full things!
She's currently offering 20% off all items in her shop, just in time for Christmas (use the code 'christmas2011' at the checkout to receive the discount). So - go check it out. I'm sure you'll find a little something.something for yourself, while you're doing a spot of gift shopping for your friends. I just know that Leah will send you a beautifully wrapped little parcel.......

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  1. Thank you my darling! you are lovely. Can't wait to see you and have a crotchet session xxx


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