Sunday, 8 January 2012

it's Sunday, and I am ::

+ eating watermelon
+ finishing another crochet rock - a big one to use as a door stop
+ crocheting old t-shirts into a kitchen floor rug, slowly slowly
+ enjoying the quiet stillness after my family rushed out the door (for the local second-hand market)
+ thinking and sending love to my dear friend.sister
+ planning photo shoots with our newest cushion collection
+ enjoying the sunshine - perhaps a visit to my grandma + the beach this afternoon
+ packing the swimming bags for the week long swimming lessons that start at 9am tomorrow (eeekkkk chlorine......)

what are you doing my dear friends xxxxxx


  1. The crochet rug sounds intriguing!

    I have a big giveaway on my blog right now. Perhaps you'd like to pop by?

  2. Lovely Elle! My words are a bit scarce at the moment, but am thinking of you xxx

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