Sunday, 29 January 2012

it's sunday :: around about

Life in snippets at the moment. Dreaming of other places, and different things, and wishes and hopes. Living in the now is sometimes hard.

+ It's raining here. Lots and lots of rain. Creeks overflowing and bridges being flooded sort of rain.
+ The kids start back at school tomorrow - I'm feeling sad about that, also can't wait for it. Little Mishi will be starting kindy on Thursday. That little one in a school uniform - eeek... And the boy - he's moving up to year 2; that's big isn't it.
+ I haven't sat at my sewing machine for much much too long. I'm really missing her - but not having the thought process for that at the moment. Hoping it will return in a week or so.....
+ I have been crocheting, which is so so good. I'm slowly working on a make-up-as-i-go string shopping bag. We'll see how it works out. if it works I'll try to write a pattern, as I'll be making more. due to being flooded in, I have almost run out of yarn rations! that's bad isn't it....
+ I'm still totally addicted to and enjoying Instagram. But it's not an addiction that I'm embarrassed about - it's a good thing. I know. I'm enjoying the process of stopping to think and plan and style a photo - I wouldn't be getting out my big camera to take photos of my breakfast, so it's good that I am.
+ My sister gave me this so so good book. I'm planning on making dress C and top L, but think it might need to involve some fabric buying.....
+ Sam + I have been watching season one of 'six feet under' from the library. I really want to see 'mad men', but haven't yet found it at the library. What are you watching, enjoying?
+ The boy took an excellent, so so excellent, video of visiting the over-flowing dam the other day. But my annoying, slow, country internet won't let me share it with you. And I so want to share it.
+ The girl sang me a sweet song yesterday about how she loves mummy. I tickled her sweet still baby puffed tummy.
+ I'm slowly working on re-jigging my blog, new header and all. Come over and have a look (if you read this in a reader or some such - which I really know nothing about. I like visiting people's whole house - blog - rather than just one part.)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Tell me, what did you do..... xxx


  1. I'm addicted to IG too - and no I'm not that unhappy about it either. Sometimes it seems a bit wanky, trying to make breakfast look arty but actually it's fun, it's creative, and it's not too serious. Love!

    Also love Mad Men - highly recommend! But definitely start at the beginning when you find the disks, it's a lot like the Sopranos in that you build a view of the characters and their behaviour actually relates to their past unlike many programs! Also really enjoying Downton Abbey, particularly the first season which was sublime.

  2. ps love the header!

  3. Hello Ellie, I hope you are all having a nice time with the return to school today.I hope you have not got too much issues with that water! Here we lost a bridge near by,which makes travelling so much longer... Your pictures are always beautiful, I have so much troubles with IG none of my pics will upload and I can not see the feeds...Oh well:)
    This weekend I spent some time with the girls rejigging and sorting their rooms,fun and exhausting :) I am glad Sunday the rain slow down and we went out had some yummy sushi's and went for a walk along the beach to breather some much needed salty fresh air.This is for us :)
    Happy week my dear!

  4. i love the mushrooms - what a great picture
    we have a grey day - i' tying to stay warm and cozy by the fire
    but i think i'm going to work on some organizing in my sewing spot here soon . . .
    i love visiting blogs - i don't know anything about reader, either

  5. I love all the beauty you capture in your photos.

  6. your new header is lovely. and familiar. i love that you like the book. so excited to see your beautiful creations. hope you are drying out a bit there...


Thank you for your words and thoughts. I do so appreciate each and every visitor to my blog. While I try hard to reply to your comment, it often doesn't quite happen..... know that I'm sending you a thoughtful thanks xxx

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