Monday, 20 February 2012

the possibilities of a monday morning

I got up early this morning (early for me anyway). To get the kids ready for school - to catch the bus; which leaves much too early, but does give us some extra hours at home.
Monday has possibilities doesn't it! Te start of a new week. You tell the kids they can start over again. You tell yourself that. Start as you mean to go on or something like that.

Yarn and crochet hook are still working themselves in my fingers, in my heart too. And my photos - oh this yarny goodness is so very photogenic isn't it.

I've just finished the last sip on my second coffee of the morning. I'm itching to do some screen printing - oh yes. Its been a while. And perhaps some new sewing this week as well.

Oh the possibilities.....


  1. Yep, it's a big wide week out there in front of us.
    I hope yours is just so super happy and inspired and wonderful.

  2. Funny you talk about Monday...Today I was just reflecting about "Mon"day (In french my day that I read somewhere and noticed the X meaning:) I had a great "Mon"day made it mine and happy :) A little bit like yours it seems :)Happy rest of the days :) xx

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