Friday, 4 May 2012

I am loving

It's Friday night. I'm sitting by the fire with cat-boy curled up near me. He sure does like the fireplace; sometimes we find him almost underneath it.

It's been a good and full week. Right now I'm really loving |||
• how excited both my kids were after their cross country run for school today. As Mishi says "Ari and Mishi didn't get qualified, but they did good". She asked me yesterday if I'd still be proud of her even if she didn't win. Of course darling! They get their sporting talents from me....
• the way my boy is so interesting to talk with and listen to. He's reading so much now, and everything. A whole book in one night. And books about science and history and ancient history and astronomy. One morning he couldn't eat his breakfast until he'd finished his chapter! It made me so happy. (he gets that from me too).
• the fact that tomorrow is Saturday. We're going to do a big (much needed) house clean and then I'm planning on going mushroom searching with the kids (if the weather stays good).
• these purses - golly I do love them so. Is it ok for me to say that?! {they were on the papernstitch site yesterday. Yah to that! They're in my shop right now - just in time for mother's day}
• I organised a play date with a friend for next weekend. Our kids are perfectly the same age, we're hoping our husbands get on (they both like mountain bike riding and design and drawing and are both pretty cool. Though neither of them are very chatty). And she has a letterpress machine in her living room!! Yep, she's a super cool friend
• loving - well crochet, Instagram, the blue skies and clear starry nights, the fact my traffic jam this morning was a herd of cows and not a backlog of cars, the possibilities of new ventures and dreams coming true.


  1. I love that photo of the mushie - what a fairie view. also love the image of your two - what gems. sounds also like wonderful family friend opportunity - great family friends are gold and rare gold at that.

  2. Lovely purses, Ellie. I like you banner too - the yarn looks very nice.

  3. Beautiful things to love. And a friend with a letter press!! WOW! I'm jealous... It's so nice to have friends that the whole family can be involved with. Enjoy honey xxx

  4. It's funny with guys - even without talking much they can enjoy each other's company. As a woman, who needs to talk a lot, I find it odd but there you go, they've been making friends monosyllabicly for tens of thousands of years!

    What books does Ari read on ancient history and history and astronomy and cool things like that? I'd like to start Hazel off in that direction too, but she's quite fixated on ponies! and fairies! We loved your Ivy and Bean recommendation so I'm hoping you have good ones for other topics as well :)


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