Wednesday, 30 May 2012

middle {}

it's the middle of the day.
the middle of the week.

just this for right now.
red = cordyline seeds. orange = ginger seedpods. bookshelf + blackboard = B's house.

Ari told Mishi this morning that you spell wednesday Wed - Nes - Day. Reading and writing is happening in leaps and bounds with those two - so many words. Maths (they call it number at school) is another story. It's making me slightly worried about Ari's (lack of) maths understanding, hoping it will change over the next few months.

what are you up to this rain/sun/rain/sun day?


  1. I love the reds and oranges in the photo...I came across an interesting TED talk over at Marvelous Kiddo about maths.....

    I thought is was very interesting, as I really struggled with number right from the get go!!


  2. Such a beautiful photo!

    Mat and I really push Hazel with maths because it is her weakest subject and if left to her own devices she will not do anything that is hard or requires working at it (so hope this changes as she gets older!). She was recently promoted to the top group in her class and I'd consider her maths ability to be, well, kind of awful, so I'm taking from that that they're all pretty awful at it at this age and unless the teacher says something he's probably completely normal! I find myself vaguely appalled at the video linked to above, not because I think everyone needs higher maths in their lives, but because it's yet another thing for proponents of the dumbing down of education to point to. And also because the idea that it's a good idea to know a whole bunch of things to make you a well-rounded human being capable of flexibility in thinking, even if you don't need that knowledge in practice, seems to be a dying idea.

  3. I love this picture Ellie.It is hard not too worry as we see our children going through their learning journey, I totally agree.But saying that it seems like Math is just not so natural for a lot of people :)Perhaps we do not use that part of the brain as much when we are little?I am sure it will come, Elsa took ages to be able to read correctly and fluently...but she does now.We helped her with tuitions but that was mainly helping with :her believing she could do it.Good luck xxx

  4. It happens in their own time - the reading thing didn't happen with my boys for a while and then suddenly pop - it just happened. So much of it - especially for boys is an age thing. Love Kate xxooxx.

  5. gorgeous colours! LOVE this picture, so stunning. is a great day. downhill to the week end xxx


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