Monday, 1 October 2012

walls tumbling

As I write this:
the sound of the shower washing the day from Sam's body
the mosquito's buzzing in my head
a sweet little ground thrush skipping across the yard outside my window
the peace of a house with no children for a few days
a whip bird calling it's afternoon song to it's mate
a million things are running and screaming through my head, my mind, my thoughts

the walls are tumbling down.
literally. tumbling down.

we (my dad, Sam and me) have spent the day making a ferro concrete wall for our house. it's just a small section of a whole wall. it was meant to be an easy job.
it wasnt an easy job.
life doesn't always go to plan, does it.
sometimes i wonder if life ever goes to plan.

the walls didn't work. the concrete is tumbling down. as i write. the concrete is slipping from the framework and falling in a pile on the ground below.

i'm feeling other things tumbling as well. trying to hold on. to keep the support beams sturdy and the roof on strong.

what a happy post for a monday afternoon....

what did you do today?
did you go for a walk through the forest to pump water, to fill your tanks? we did
did you drink endless cups of tea, hoping it would get you to the end of the day? i did
did you stop and take find the moments of peace and gratitude in your life? i will

*images are from more peaceful times this past week (the few that i found).


  1. I've found there's often quite a lot that doesn't go to plan. Last week my bloke had a concreting disaster too. He's still working out how to remedy that one with the experts. There is a deadline. Tea seems to help.

    Hold tight, lovely.

  2. Hold tight... 'tis but a small storm. Storms here too, but they'll pass. Much love to you, sweet lady.

  3. Oh, those tumbling walls. I hope you get some help and they go up lickety split next time.

  4. Anonymous3:42 am

    :( building one's own home is wonderful and awful at the same time. (i know - we're doing it, too).
    so glad you have found some moments of peace.
    your blog always brings me a moment of peace.
    will look forward to reading about the wall that works!

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