Tuesday, 11 December 2012

an Instagram version of finding the silver lining

This past year has been so busy and full and running in circles that it's taken me a while to take notice of all the amazing wonderful that has happened. 
So much wonderful. 
I have met and become friends with some people who I feel I will be real true friends with for ever. That's probably the best thing ever. 
People who get me, who want to get me, who want to learn to know me, who want to hang out with me, and who like what I do. 

Isn't that pretty bl**dy cool!!!

I'm at the point now where I'm thinking.planning.writing.dreaming.deciding what direction to work towards next year. In terms of creative-ness, and craftiness, and making, and doing. In terms of making a business out of what I like to do, and what I can do, and what I have been doing.
The meeting of some of these people is spurring me in directions I think I would never have considered moving in. That's good. That's excellent. Having inspiration and motivation from other creative people.

I wanted to share just a small snippit of the creative wonderful-ness I'm enjoying this week (mostly links from Instagram, as I still find that place so good for every day spirit-lifting)
look up and down by my Instagram friend Lisa Solomon (IG name is @lisasolomon)
Alex Falkiner - everything.EVERYTHING that Alex does is freaking amazing. Go follow her on Instagram for starters (IG name is @alfalky)
Foxs Lane - Kate simply is well.... you know what. Go check out her blog, and her IG feed and decide what fantastic words you can think of to say about Kate (IG name is @foxslane)
and lastly the real-life, in-flesh, I-can-hug-her friend who has been just the bestest find this year. Jo makes me laugh, and she gets me, and she's super the coolest gal I know (really), and much too humble for her wonderful goodness and amazing talents, and the things she does. She's wonderfully good and nice too. And her whole family are swell as well. Jo says great words like fab and swell and awesome. (IG name is @oliveandthevolcano)

*I think that photo is about finding the silver lining and all that. It rained today and was sunny as well. I think that just about sums up life - it rained and then was sunny, and rained again, a bit.


  1. It's doing that sun, rain, sun, rain thing here too. Sometimes it's nice but mostly I wish it would stick to one or the other! A bit like life too :)

    It's funny how you can make friends on the internet, people who don't blog and/or spend time online don't think you can but they're so wrong! Its nice when you can meet them in person but it's not actually necessary.

    I'm glad you're feeling all energised and creative, I love seeing the results here and on IG!

    1. Hi. Good to be here (I'm trying to get back into more regular blogging). Nice to have you still around. IG is good, but blogs are good too.

      this rain sun thing is making the grass grow so quickly. and of course in our climate everything goes mildew. but it is lovely as well.

      People who don't blog, or online connections, really have no idea. Meeting other bloggers is great, but not necessary - and sometimes I wonder what people will think if they do meet. I might sound different than they thought.....

      I am giving the kids a writing letter box collection of things for Christmas, and hoping it spurs them on to more regular (umm, I mean any amount of) letter writing. You guys might be lucky to get some letters next year! Holly, of Two Cheese Please, is carving some stamps of their hand writing - I'm so excited to see them finished!!!

  2. Well hello friend! Those clouds got pretty stormy in this year of the dragon didn't it! 2013 is already feeling much brighter, a beautiful year of creating and putting dreams into action. Speak soon beautiful girl, I must say that your words made me kind of cry a smidge but then I smiled a lot - see you soon and by the way.......right back at cha! :)))))))


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