Wednesday, 20 March 2013

changes {Spring in Autumn}

I've been slowly updating and making just a few changes to my blog. Nothing big, but a cleaner and crisper feel. I haven't messed with the template or html as that's too big for me at the moment. Making pretty labels and sidebars is where I'm at! 

Prettiness all around!

If you normally read this in some sort of reader thing (do you? What do you read it in? I'm really curious.... I never read blogs in anything other than at the blog home - I like visiting that way), do come and check out the new-ness.

I found this image from last Spring, in my files. Oh isn't it beautiful. The blossoms. It's Autumn here now, and while I'm loving all the foliage turning yellows and reds and oranges, I'm also loving seeing all the blossoms on Instagram. And imagining our blossom trees that grow near to where we're building our home. I'll be able to see them from my bedroom, and from my kitchen table. And for that reason, I can't wait for Spring!

Is there new-ness happening around you?
Or are you making it happen?
Are you snuggling in ready for Winter?
Or is are you watching the last of the snow and dreaming of those little green buds?
Wherever you are, on this rainy Autumn evening, happy mid-week to you. 

My friends xxxxx


  1. I am so happy to see Autumn coming and the very beginning peeps of colour here in Victoria. AND I love to see Spring emerging on the other side of the world. How delicious it must be to see the crocus emerging through the snow, the first blossom against the blue sky after a long wet cold winter the strangest thing here is that after the two inches of rain we had three weeks ago tow of our trees have blossom! They must be confused somehow! Love Mrs A
    PS It is raining as I write...fabulous!

  2. Very pretty.

    I was using Google Reader but as it is going, have changed to It is actually better - I get to see the whole blog with header and sidebar etc as I move through all unread posts.


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