Saturday, 18 May 2013

Mishi with a skateboard and lots of jewellery......

 I took these photos yesterday of my ever-growing bigger girl. She's so little. She's so big. 

She jumped when I asked her to dress up and pose for a few photos with Sam's skate jewellery. She brushed her hair, tied her ribbon and washed the paint off her arms!

It seems my camera has done something wrong with the resolution, but I love that image too much to not share it with you. And I want to have it here, for my memory, and her memory, when we look at this blog in months/years to come. {And I ask myself yet again why the model agency never found any work for this little one, who we had hopes of making us a fortune!}.

These bracelets are now available at our little online shop, ellie beck handcrafted, (though all made by Sam!). The necklaces will be through their final testing and production soon, and will be ready in time for the Gallery Market in two weeks. I hope they'll be in the online shop before / soon after then.

 Thank you so much all of you for your kind words and thoughts on my previous post. It's so good to have friends here who I can talk with, who will listen and share their advice and wisdom. I so want to continue this homeschooling journey, but know that I need to find the balance to make it work. Caged Tiger Mama is no good for anyone!


  1. Lovely photo and lovely girl!

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