Friday, 21 June 2013

{pinterest love} whipsy and ephermeral on a rainy Friday

Things are wiggly and fuzzy and muddled in my head. Life is full. Beauty-full. But also full and jam-packed. Busy. Yes yes. Busy. But I'm preferring to think of it as "full". 

I'm settling into the whimsy and fleeting moments of my days. The brief passing of light. The thoughts flitting and fleeing from my grasp. 

Sometimes it's best to let go. To allow what comes and goes to happen on it's own. To not force things too much. 

Tomorrow I am going to spend just a short but oh so wonderful time with my sister, Leah. We will talk whimsy, but we will hold fabric in our hands and make real stitches. Working towards ideas we have rambled and wished on for these past months. Ideas coming from whimsy into reality. Hopefully we will have something to share soon. Until then, we promise to share on our instagram pages.

Thank you to those of you still visiting here, in the hope that I will find more time to be here and share more with you. My sister went on holiday to a different country, and came back and told me I still hadn't updated this little page here. MMMMmmmmm - the quieter my blog the noisier my life; I have discovered. 

Images are from top, left-right: floral + ink, stars, purple dress, painted, seaweed, spotted head, flying scarf.


  1. Beautiful photos you've chosen up there! My blog is a lot quieter too, I think Instagram has a lot to answer for! And now we can post crafty videos on it, the opportunities are boundless! I think I'm joking there, I'm pretty sure I am...

    1. I'm sure we don't need anything else but Instagram now. Ever. IG killed the internet.... and radio and tv and pinterest and blogs. I do love visiting blogs, and writing in my blog - but it just doesn't happen as easily and well "instantly". And that's the reality of things and busy and full.
      I haven't yet made an IG video. Have watched a couple, but nothing spectacular - people doing it more for the fact that they can. I don't like the way it just starts playing when you scroll. I keep thinking of all the data costs that adding.
      Pinterest - been spending time there tidying it up. Hmm - house is a mess, but my pin boards are getting organised. yeah .That's true and terrible.
      Happy Weekend xxxx

  2. Oh these are beeeeeeeautiful! Thanks for the saturday inspiration. Good way to start the weekend. Regarding your messy home and tidy pinterest boards, thought you might like this quote: "Only dull women have impeccable homes" :) Keep up the great work. Katie. XXX


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