Monday, 12 August 2013

crochet bowls :: the glint of the golden

I have been making these lately. My nature is to become wrapped up in the making of one thing, with endless variations, until I no longer want to make that. I think crochet stones are still a love, but I haven't felt the urge to make one for a while, of course I would if someone asked me nicely!

But here - this is a similar process, with different evolutions. Crochet vessels. Some are more bowl shape. Some are part of my "embrace my wonk" shape. I love the little ripples and curves that happen along the way. 

I'm loving loving the golden threads I'm weaving through most of them. It's feeling so satisfying to have this sparkly jump out. Especially when they sit in the sunshine and glimmer and glint.

My mums hair used to do that. She had strands of coppery hair in amongst her darker (and they greying) hair. I loved the way that at certain lights, the sunshine would catch these copper hairs and her whole head would glint and glisten and glow. Lately my kids have been noticing the same in my hair. And oh boy, doesn't that make one happy. My girl has the same too - I can see it in her. 

So, here. I've come around again to talk of my mama. I think the more I envelop myself in my craft/art making the more I feel her deeply happily in me. I also feel the appreciation and support from my online friends (here and on instagram) to be so much what my own mother wanted for herself, and often wasn't able to find. Oh. I think that's another topic altogether. 

This is about how I love these crochet vessels. Them forming in my hands. And being a practical thing for our home. To gather and catch our keys, spare change, trinkets, though mostly my more crochet supplies and other crafty bits! I've put a couple in my online shop, if you'd like some to be looking pretty in your home, to be useful and pretty. Now that's pretty sparkly and golden itself isn't it!!


  1. ah they are lovely but I must admit some part of me would like to see them coated with paper clay slip and then fired to just leave the memories behind.

    1. It's funny you say this - as earlier in the year I asked a few local potters if they could do that with my crochet stones. At the time, it wasn't on the cards (timewise for them). I'd so love to see these pieces slip cast and become clay rather than cloth. ..... Let me know if you know someone who can do it for me xx
      Thanks for your lovely comment.


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