Tuesday, 22 April 2014

happenings....and an Announcement

I don't want to spend ages telling you how sorry I am for not being here. Do I say this every time?? I'm not here. That's it. I'm being where I need to be, and mostly for the past month or more that's been on the couch or in bed!

So, how are you? Hope you're all well and happy and things are adventuress (in a quiet way maybe?). 

Want to hear my big adventures? WELL well. 
oh hey!

We're having a baby. Shall I say that again, in case you didn't quite believe me -


I'm not being so good at keeping this a secret. Except I just haven't been here to tell you all yet. I've been wanting to. But mostly I've been lying in bed feeling sick and sorry for myself, and ever so tired tired tired. 

No pretty pictures to show you about the baby. It's only just barely 12weeks big so far. 

So, anyway. I popped in to tell my happenings. 

Hope your happenings have been lovely too. 

There's lots and lots of other happenings around here. House building is going well, and we may be in our new space soon soon soon! It's almost barely hard to think about in case it doesn't come as soon as we want. And there's lots of upcoming events - such as markets and also talks and special events where I've been invited to be the guest speaker (Little bit scary and such, but ever so wonderful to be invited to all these special gatherings where people want to hear about me!). I'll talk more on this later, closer to the time. 

Have a lovely lovely week sweet ones. As ever you can follow me along here, on my Instagram, I am there almost every day. If you don't have the app on your phone, you can follow it here online.


  1. Fantastic news congratulations!

  2. It's such wonderful news Ellie, congratulations to you and your family! There's nothing like the tired you feel in those first months is there, rest and nurture yourself. It's so wonderful having older kids and not toddlers during pregnancy and with the new baby, you will love this time so much xx

  3. Oh Ellie congratulations! I got teary reading this post I am so very excited for you and your beautiful family!

  4. Big Congrats Ellie!! Hope the tired/sick part disappears soon. x Alisa

  5. Anonymous12:33 pm

    well. WELL.
    oh how wonderful!
    what grand news!

  6. Wow Ellie! Congrats ~ really happy for you and hope the sick feeling has passed! xx

  7. congratulations, what a fantastic news…. hope you are feeling better now…. only just catching up. x

  8. Oh my gosh congratulations! I've fallen away from IG and blogging and blogs and look what I've missed! So happy for you :)


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