Saturday, 2 May 2009

one more day left....

....of fun and crafty talk and inspiration and excitement. And choosing a new outfit to wear! And getting to hang out with Kelley and Ben, and Justine, and Fi and her daily helper, Bec (Fi has a lot of workshops).
Tomorrow is final day of the Brisbane Stitches and Craft Show. I know that when the doors close I'll be relieved that I can have a day of rest. I also know that I'll be so sad that I won't be able to hang out with those fun fun fun people. It sort of feels like school camp - and I'm hanging with all the cool people.
I managed to take a few photos today. Not as many as I wanted, but got a few of our stall.
So, please come on down tomorrow. Pop in and say hi!
To the lovely person who came to say hello yesterday (or was it the day before... time has warped in my head); and I was at one of my workshops - I'm very sorry I missed you. Would have loved to meet you and have a little chat. Say hi, here, hey?!

Leah - I had so much fun with you today. Thank you so so so much for coming all the way up. Was so excellent to hang out and chat, and be sisters together. Hope you love all your new books, and get some sewing done with your fabrics. xxxx

I'll be buying some lovely fabric tomorrow - from here and here especially. And maybe check out the bookshop if I can squeeze into the stall (which was chock full today).

My tote bag workshop today was really great. All the lovely ladies were very creative, doing some beautiful stitching details, and inspiring colour selections. So so so great to see our fabrics and designs reworked with someone else's imagination. (though I didn't get photos again, due to general muddle-headedness).I'm going to bed now. Up early tomorrow morning, to get a little bit of sewing done before last show day. More photos soon.
Good night all xxx


  1. Oh, wish I could have come and visited you, your stand looks amazing! Hopefully next time...

  2. Oh, I have neglected you sadly. I seem to spend all my time in the garden and no time at all in front of the computer and that is good I suppose but it gives me a lot of catching up to do. Reading your post makes me want to be in Brisbane instead of my garden killing weeds. Your stand looks so great and all your stuff amazing! And I loved the saying on the wall. So true!
    Thanks so much for charing!
    Take care

  3. So fun to see what you've been up to- I wish I could come by- good luck and I'll pop by here more often!

  4. Beautiful!

    If I were even on the right continent, I'd love to have visited.

  5. Finally - I knew there was something profoundly human in trying on tea cosies! Love that quote. Love the booth too. You're so clever!

  6. Anonymous9:20 am

    Hi! I saw your stand on Saturday, it looked wonderful! It was my favorite stand in the Incubator. You were busy rushing about so I thought I'd just leave you to it. I hope it all went well.


  7. bitsofsunshine.typepad.com12:11 am

    what fun! oh, that looks like so much fun! i hope everything went as well and better than you had hoped!

  8. Your stall looked wonderful. Well done.
    I've randomly come across this blog and love your cushion covers. Do you sell them online?


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