Monday, 28 August 2006


Well, for anyone reading this - this is the first time that I've put words down in a blog. My thoughts / feelings out there to share with you all. So, not really sure how this will go, but hoping it will be moments when I can forget people are listening, and just simply talk. About who I am, where I am, what I think I could be / am / might be - or actually what I'll probably never be.
So, for starters, I do ramble. I can start talking, thinking, writing about one thing and very easily slip into the next phase, thought, feeling. And then its hard to go back to where I was at. So, you'll possibly get used to half sentences and thoughts. And possibly, know where I'm going anyway. As, after all, I'm not really any more unique or different or unusual than the rest of you am I?
It's about to rain. Which is a wonderful thing, as here, we are in drought. I think most places are on this planet - unless in flood! We had torrential rain last night, in the middle of the night. And as our window leaks (above our bed), we lay in bed feeling the water splash in on us. Quite lovely actually. I imagined that I was next to the ocean, with the spray washing on me. Of course, every time it rains we have just washed the car, or have nappies and clothes on the line that then need to be dried over the heater.
The kids came home (one is mine, one my sister's), and a mad dash to the shop to buy cream and strawberries for our anniversary cake. And the rain came down, and seems to be here for at least a little while.
So ends the first of my "finally getting head talking down onto 'paper'".

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