Tuesday, 12 June 2007

market day

Every Sunday we all head off to the Organic Farmer's Market, at Northey St City Farm. I really love this weekly shopping experience. Apart from the fabulous organic fruit and veges that we eat every week, and being able to talk to the growers about their produce - often varieties that we don't see in the supermarkets. Apart from these things - going to the market weekly reminds me of going to markets when we were girls. Being a child within a wonderful, creative, nurturing community is such a warm memory. The smallest of the markets was at Uki Butter Factory, which offered the prefect size for being able to explore the markets on our own, while running back to Mum or Dad where they would stand talking for hours with friends. (I really wish I had some scanned photos of us as girls at the market to include, next time I visit my Dad I'll have to look through the photo draw. Sylv and I used to get all dressed up in our best - we always loved wearing dresses instead of pants, and looking pretty!).

I really hope that our babes have these same experiences now, and memories later. Of course, the markets are different in style - fruit+vege as opposed to a general everything market (second-hand clothes, trees, food) - and atmosphere, but they do both have nurturing and caring environments.

I suppose living in a big city, not a smaller town, does mean we don't have that same network of friends or acquaintances that our Mum and Dad had. Also, it may be that Sylvia and I are happy just being with each other and not wanting to bother with the small talk of meeting new people!

I realised that I didn't take any photos of Mischa at the market, so here's one of her asleep on the floor amongst all of Ari's lego play.

Very fuzzy, but this is Mish having her morning milk. By the way - she's four months old today!! Can't believe, already we settle into knowing this little creature. She's so much part of our life that I can't ever imagine what it was like without her. I feel that way about all the babes. I suppose all parents do.

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