Saturday, 9 June 2007

winter wind

Well, it seems Winter has finally hit us. Actually it's only a week into Winter officially, but with an Autumn as hot as some (country's) Summers - we didn't think Winter would arrive this year. So, after a few days of full-on rain, the winds have arrived. Every year I forget that this happens, and then when it does I'm surprised. So, it's freezing cold - for Brisbane standards! But, apart from the cold, I love these sort of winds. Seem to spur up something in me / us. Start us into action, of wanting to do things and not stay at home snuggled up reading and drinking tea. Of course, generally it takes me so long to get the something started that the next phase of weather (life) has shifted in.
Currently curling my hands around my favourite cup, filled with piping hot organic green tea. My daily ritual is only of having the tea and the cup - nothing else is ever the same. (I could expect to be able to sit in the sun reading while sipping. Lovely everyday ritual dream). But, then to have the expectations of things being the same would be - is - totally ridiculous. When I have thoughts / feelings of wanting to get things done, then I just get annoyed that they don't happen that way. Whereas when I'm happy to just go with the flow of the Little Ones, then life is much easier, simpler, happier.
So, finally I have set up my sewing machine with ideas in my head. And the knowledge that I'll have to pack it up for dinner time (no dedicated table in our house!), is pushing me quicker to follow on with these images of projects.
The wind seems to have died down a bit - for the moment, a weak sun streaming down. Perfect weather for nappy drying!

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