Monday, 25 June 2007

rainy day hugs

It's been a rainy do-nothing day here. Feeling bit run-down after lots of *stuff* or happenings lately. Had to hang wet clothes on the wet line, in the rain. I broke our washing machine, with a full load in it! So had to wring out half washed, sopping clothes. Hopefully Sam can fix it, otherwise I'll be washing nappies by hand - in the bath.
Went to a really intense yoga class this morning. Which would have been okay if we hadn't been a bit slack with yoga lately! I feel like I'm letting my body down so much by not having a regular yoga practice. Not just my body, but my mind and soul. And also my teacher. He's such a wonderful teacher - my teacher, as in spiritual teacher (or something). I feel so lucky to actually have had two teachers (so far) in this life. One - my mother, who I want to just ramble on about sometimes, and other times not even mention or think about her. Well, mainly don't want to think about the emptiness she has left in my / our lives.... And two - Jamie. Who is soft and strong, pushes during class, knowing where we should be at, what we can achieve.

When Sylve does her yoga, she looks so much like Mum. Has the same feel, energy, dedication (at times) that Mum had. Sylve is stronger (looking) than I remember Mum. But, I didn't know my Mum when she was in her twenties.

Here's a few lovely photos I took of the babes today, having a great smiley hug. Mischy was playing peek-a-boo today with her blanket. She's growing up too quickly. I feel like I was watching it all so much more with Ari, because I didn't know what I was doing in the same way that I know now. Yet, sometimes (often) it feels much harder now that it did with Ari.

Sorry for this jumbled post... I'm off to bed, and having written this - feel I should (well, that I want to) post it.

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  1. stefani11:52 pm

    Love these pictures of your babes. Such smoochy cheeks! Sleep tight!


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