Thursday, 28 June 2007


Today Ari asked me that eternal question - "Why is the sky blue?" I couldn't answer him, don't know how to explain. I know there is an answer, but I don't really understand it myself, well not well enough to correctly explain to a 2.5yr old... does anyone else? It's these little things about him that constantly remind me he really is not a baby anymore. Okay, yes at close to three, he's not officially a baby - but he's my baby. All you Mums + Dads know what I mean by that. He'll be my baby at 15, 21, 45 - if I'm lucky enough to still be around then. But also, today - the *need you Mum* was more than most days, just his way of letting me know he's not yet ready to not be a baby. He is a big brother though, he keeps reminding me. They want to be so grown up, yet still so little in so many ways (so do I, now I think of it). Ari was so upset a few days ago when Ash said he was bigger - I just said I was bigger than Ash, so there!
And on the topic of growing - do babies have a growth spurt at 4.5 months? Today Mish slept for no more than 20minutes at a time, and drank lots and needed lots of cuddles and me time. I forget when Ari went through different baby stages. Yet, I feel like I should know it all as I'm not a first time Mum. Make sense?

Since moving the bed from Ari's room, and turning it into a playroom, I really want to make it a *real* playroom. I've been starting to collect + buy (get Sam to) crafting supplies, as Ari is just getting to the age where he wants to do cutting, pasting, making things + he can do it a bit more himself. I want to set his room up a bit more organised, before we need to bring his bed back in. Face it - he can't sleep in our bed forever! These are a few places that are inspiring me on my plans for his room. 1:: 2 :: 3 :: 4 ::
I suppose I really need a whole house organise (purge), as I'm feeling totally overwhelmed by the constantness of seeing *stuff* (::mess), and picking it up only to have it replaced with something else. Or, worse - not having the energy to pick it up!

Today we made Hickory Dickory Docks. Using round plastic container lids, thumb-tacks, paper hands. I made one thinking he wouldn't be able to do it on his own - and he got mad, upset, saying that I'd made that for myself not for him. So, we have two clocks now. Don't you just love his numbers, he counted them out right up to 12, with a few double ups just for good measure. And that one really long hand.

He watches PlaySchool and they have the time-telling there. So, TV really does teach kids something. Actually, I watch the show to learn how to make stuff. And , of course I love singing along with all the songs. We used to watch it when we were kids - Sylve up until high-school (sorry Sylve!!). Our favourite was always George when we were young, now I really like Justine.
We were a bit house bound again today. The rain has stopped and it was gloriously sunny, but also really windy and cold. For some strange reason Ari wanted a frozen yoghurt icecream this afternoon, an even stranger reason is me letting him.... We sat on the front steps in the sun, with the wind blustering us, eating frozen yoghurts!
So, needing lots of projects + activities, as well as organisation (don't forget the energy) to keep Ari going through this Winter. He seems to have finally stopped his day-time naps, though I still keep persisting. Yesterday he fell asleep at 5.30pm, curled up beside me while I put Mish to sleep. Sam + I had a lovely evening with no kids! Which was topped of nicely by Sam's brother and his girlfriend bringing round chocolate cake with cream + berries for dessert. We ate it too quickly to take photos.

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