Friday, 27 July 2007

bindi-eye + tie-dye

:: No, not bindii, but bindi ::
We got these quite a while ago, at the elephant installation at the APT5, and Ari just pulled them out today. He looks in the mirror and talks to himself about exactly where to put the bindis. I really like the different placements he does, choosing the colours with particular care. Sometimes - if she's nearby - he puts them on Mishi as well. Which is special for me to see, as sometimes I think he isn't very interested in her. Well, she sometimes is an inconvenience to his life. And that makes sense to me :: he was used to having me all to himself, now he has to share, and she normally gets preference (based on basic NOW needs). He wears these little fabric bindis right up until bedtime.
:: Finally, some tie-dying today ::
We cut the calico up into smallish pieces, I'm not entirely sure what I'll end up sewing with all the bits, but I just wanted more scraps for Ari to play with.

:: Some we put rubber bands around ::
:: a few we drew on with candle wax ::
:: I tied some coriander seeds up in one ::
with the idea of the Japanese art of kanoko shibori dying. I have a vague thought that there is a dying process using rice tied up, rather than the sewing, puckering, intensive work it looks goes into any piece of shibori fabric. Anyway, regardless of my very humble and quick efforts I quite like the results. The seeds made little round patterns throughout the other lines. So next time I'll try to make it stronger and use more seeds, tie it tighter. Not have a time frame dictacted by two little kids!? Thanks Sam for being there and helping as well - and enjoying!
:: My hands are red tinged, despite the gloves ::

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  1. Hi Ellie,
    ooh one day I'd love to tie-dye, it sounds like so much fun & then the fabrics are so great looking ! But what a mess, isn't it ?! LOL


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