Friday, 27 July 2007

a few sweet treats

This week we had icecream with sprinkles. Ari poured the sprinkles on - so most of them went on the bench + floor, and now we have no "prink-ls" left. What a pity! He does so love those tiny dots of coloured sugar, and always manages to get them all over himself.

:: This is Ari's little table. We let the kids paint it however they liked. Lots of fun ::

Instead of going out, we had a cafe at home. I really like doing this. Sometimes we set up the table with a little cloth and I serve the boys like a real waitress. They have money to pay, but have to eat whatever is the "special of the day". Of course, our cafes are always tasty and fun. And the waitress is super nice and often joins in on the meal. This is pop corn and chocolate +cherry milkshake, with yogurt instead of icecream. It would have been fun to make the popcorn like this, but we didn't have the ingredients, patience or time to wait for it to be ready. The milkshake was quite tasty, but I think a bit too strong for Ari. All we did was put some milk in the blender with liquid drinking chocolate (well cocoa that was wet and pasty), some yogurt, and some cherry jam. Whizzed up until all "froffy". Then I served it in my prettiest tea glasses out in the garden.

Also, check this fun YouTube out. Ari had to watch it about five times in a row. Hopefully it makes sense to you. It's very Kiwi!

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  1. stefani11:08 am

    Delicious, beautiful and fun!


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