Friday, 13 July 2007

bunny's day

Yesterday was Bunny's birthday. Actually, Ari wanted it to be his own birthday - but I convinced him to let it be Bunny's. There have been quite a few birthdays lately*, and for a not-yet three year old it has been difficult having to wait, wait, wait :: his third b'day isn't until late October.
So - we made special little cherry, chocolate + coconut mini-cupcakes with cherry icing :: made party crowns with mirrored centres :: and finished the night off with sparklers in the back yard. I think Bunny missed out on the fun of sparklers :: he was in bed, or neglected in a corner somewhere.

::Why is it that Bunny is soooo loved, yet left in random places, forgotten, until bedtime and then we have to turn the house upside down looking for him - often wedged between couch cushions, once left at Grandma+Grandpa's house, once left at the kids care room of my yoga centre for an overnight visit ::
I hope Bunny had a lovely fourth birthday :: that's how old Ari declared him to be. He was a quiet little thing all day, happily showing off his crown and new cape that I made for him (Bunny was quiet, not Ari - that would be something to see::hear!).

~ Recipe for Cherry::Chocolate::Coconut Mini-Cupcakes ~

(The following recipe is approximate, as I never follow as exact recipe. I have basic measurements in my head, and go from there, adding different things depending on what we have to use. I know that cake making should be a science, but we don't have too many disasters, so I'm not too bothered to measure::remember exact quantities.)

100grams softened butter ::
1/3 cup brown sugar (I prefer using brown as its what my Mum used to use, so what I know best. Also, I trick myself that its 'better' for us than castor sugar) ::
2 free range, organic eggs ::
1 cup flour (if using plain then 1/3teaspoon bicarb soda) ::
1 cup coconut (today we had shredded, but more often I use desiccated) ::
1/3 cup cocoa powder
(I really like the organic dark one, but haven't been able to find it for a while) ::
1 1/2 cups cherries + juice
(we had half bottle of morello cherries in fridge, but fresh would be lovely. Use extra cherries as you like. If no juice, then fresh orange juice would be good instead of milk) ::
2 tablespoons vanilla essence
Beat butter + sugar until thick and creamy in mixer. Add eggs one at a time, mixing well between. Add van essence + cocoa powder and keep mixing. Then add coconut. Mix cherries, then flour in gently by hand. Bake in mini-cupcake pans for 20mins or so at 180degrees Celsius or until they look cooked. Makes about 20 mini-cupcakes.
We iced ours with icing sugar mixed with the cherry juice - so it was a lovely pink colour.

Okay, so I'm not really very accurate at writing recipes. But this really is the way I cook - by the feel, look, taste (Ari does lots of that!), smell. Maybe I am lucky to have a little bit of innate cookery domestic goddess in me! Let me tell you, also, that Ari is learning so remarkably well this art of cooking. He's also quite good at washing dishes, clothes washing, folding clothes (he rolls them into funny balls), vacuuming, making beds, sweeping....

I also managed to finally post the present for Rollie - who turned one on Wednesday. I'm quite proud of the pants I sewed him :: black cord, with funky black+white pockets. I haven't made pockets before, and did it all on my own with no instructions**! Also, a little frog from a pattern from the Purl Bee, that I modified. It didn't turn out quite as lovely as theirs, but I'll keep working on the pattern and changing it to better suit me. In the mean-time, I think not too bad an effort. Also included was this great little book that I::we love. We have our own copy as well as another by the same author.

*Birthdays :: Sam + I share a day in May (though I am four years younger) :: Grandma Tessy has one early June :: Ash, then Sylve late June :: Grandpa + Rollie both this week. As well as a few more in the recent months.
**If anyone can tell me a simple::easy way to put pockets into pants, I would love your help. The ones I made were simply sewn into the side seams - but I would love to learn how to make proper pockets.
***Also, if someone could please tell me how to put the picture in the link of my books, CDs, etc. I like the look of that, but can't seem to work out how to do it....

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  1. Stefani12:00 am

    The cake looks AMAZING, as do your gifts. I will see if I can remember what I did for the books/cds list and send you an email.



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