Wednesday, 25 July 2007

grown up

We've got lots of things planned at the moment. That's what I'm really loving about Ari being a 'big boy'. We can have conversations about the things we want to do, plan fun things, talk together. I love being with him and just hanging out with a big person who has so much to contribute. He's such a grown up little person, as a parent you don't notice it until suddenly its there. Your baby is not a baby, but a kid! On Monday he went out all day with Sam + Ben (Sam's brother) for a long drive down to pick up some beautiful glass plates from this very talented woman. I love that its so easy to be able to wave him goodbye to spend the day not being my baby. I hate the way its so easy to wave him goodbye - it seems like the most tortous thing in the world to wave goodbye to my baby (for a day's outing). Do all you mums agree. I love him growing more self sufficient, easier to be with, but its so sad that he can cope without me.
This was published 7th January, 2008. Each day Ari continues to amaze and inspire me. I feel so overwhelmingly lucky to experience life (the big and the little) through him.

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