Wednesday, 25 July 2007

pop pop pop

Poor little Mishi has chicken pox! She's been quite good about it - not too much complaining. Though we did have a *very* sleepless night last night. (Surprisingly I feel much better today on less sleep, than I felt yesterday on slightly more sleep). Amazingly, Mish didn't get any pox on her face - so we haven't had to worry about scratching and scarring. I am hoping that the fact she's had it mildly doesn't mean she can get it again. So far Ari still hasn't caught it - that means he's escaped it three times :: 1 - the friend who Ash caught it from. 2 - from Ash, even though they were spending lots of time together during Ash's contagious period. 3 - from Mish ::

So, after little-to-no sleep last night, I woke up at 6.15am feeling quite energised! And, therefore, we had a lovely day today just hanging around. We discovered a new cafe while out for our walk. Okay, not quite "discovered" - I knew it was there, we'd just never made it in to have a look. Was really quite lovely - the babycino was free -and it had a marshmallow (very important for Ari), yummy little biscuits for only $1, great tables, comfy chairs, friendly staff.... what more can we ask for out of a cafe within easy walking distance from home?! They had cute little cactus in pots as their table decorations - the man at the table near us must have thought me a bit weird photographing our coffee cups.

I love our little walks. Often we end up needing to go somewhere, but we take our time looking and exploring. We do live in a major city, in a suburb walking distance from the CBD - but we still have lots to explore and look at. It is totally different from where I grew up, in the country. But, it's not too bad. There are still flowers to pick, seedpods to collect, birds to listen to, bushes to hide in, parks to run in. So, each time we go out for our walks - we take our time meandering the streets.

Today we planted some seeds. Alright, not actually planted - but put in some torn up cotton wool, in a plastic container on the windowsill. I want Ari to be able to spray them everyday with his little water sprayer, and watch the seeds grow. I'm sure it will be a bit boring for a 2 1/2yr old, but little alfalfa seeds don't take too long to grow. I'm going to try and show you every day what they look like. Are you excited.....? (please pretend to be - just humour me).

So, that's just a little bit of catching up for the moment. My brain has started shutting down. I've been tired, sickish, rundown, low on energy - is this what its meant to feel like :: this having kids thing?

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  1. Stefani11:19 am

    Well yes, actually, I'm not just humoring you, I AM excited to see the alfalfa grow! I've actually been meaning to run down some seeds so that we can have fresh sprouts when we want them. Can't seem to find them around these parts though. Sorry for poor chicken pox bubby!

    Oh, and no it's not really meant to feel that way, but, sometimes it does. Hang in there!


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