Monday, 2 July 2007

just a little bit

I've been thinking more and more consciously, and the silent thoughts are pushing closer to the fore. I was raised by *hippie* parents, and I feel that I really am not carrying on with the ideals, thoughtfulness, consciousness with which I was entrusted. Perhaps its that my children are becoming older and therefore easily slipping into something I may not wish them to be. Perhaps its the fact that being a new-age greenie is so talked about, so many people are starting to change their lives and learn to live a different way. I'm not sure, perhaps as I get older I am feeling slower and more connected to something else. Or - not feeling so connected, and wanting again to have the closeness and care of nature, earth, Gaia. I have always thought of myself as a *greenie* or environmentalist, but looking at my current lifestyle - I know that I cannot fall back on how my parents are (were) for who I am now.

I'm wanting to try and live more simply, softly. Following a local, 100klm, organic, in season diet (which I know will be hard in some ways, and alreay in other ways I am following). Limiting the rubbish and excess that comes into our lives. We already don't get plastic bags at the supermarket, we use those *great advertising + very trendy* green bags all the supermarkets sell as well as these great bags purchased recently. But - if I look at my shopping in these "environmental" bags, I see bread bags, cheese packets, biscuit packets, pasta packets, yoghurt tubs, tins, bottles....... Many of these items I can make myself :: pasta :: bread :: yoghurt :: biscuits :: cakes :: And many we should (can we really...?) learn to live without. And, some, well - I know there will be some we simply won't want to sacrifice :: coffee :: milk :: chocolate :: cheese ::

All our fruit + veges come from the local organic farmers markets - which we have been going to for about five or so years. I really love talking to the farmers / growers, knowing that everything has been picked only a short while ago and not been in cold storage for months or travelled on big ships from other countries. And its wonderful having things come into season and specialness of short growing seasons. Also, there seems to be so many more options of varieties :: pontiacs :: king edward :: kipfler :: dutch creams :: sebago :: desiree :: nicola :: purple congo ::
Photographs taken 21Nov, 2007. Produce from our garden.

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