Saturday, 30 June 2007

golden glow

There's a tree on the property adjacent to my Dad's land that has a magical glow at certain times of the year. I remember walking home from school (oh, a long time ago...) on Winter afternoons and the afternoon sun showering the tree with golden light. Looking out my window yesterday, this (different) tree caught my eye in a similar way. The Winter light is so beautiful and warming (when out of the wind!). The setting sun seems to spot-light trees in a glorious shimmer, almost like fire. And then, with the wind whipping the trees about - well, it glitters and sparks. Of course, Winter sun sets quickly to a darkening cold sky. Tonight is a blue moon - very clear and crisp night.

We celebrated Sylve's birthday yesterday by going out for a really special breakfast with some friends. The cafe we went to was a favourite :: the food was delicious, service lovely, conversation interesting, company delightful. And Sylve liked the tools that Dad + I gave her as a present. I had planned on making a little roll-up pouch for the screwdrivers to sit into, but didn't get it done in time. I'm sure I could do it quite easily, and she'd love it regardless of being late or not.... We'll see.

When we were out at dinner tonight the waitress brought a baby bottle of milk to me for Mischa. It was meant for a different table with a baby, but she just got confused. I felt almost offended, or.. something. I felt like jumping up and saying - quite loudly + proudly - this baby is breast feed, no bottles here. Of course, I didn't! But I was quite shocked at the thought of me being handed a warmed up bottle to feed my baby, when I had my own perfect milk *on tap*. I guess the breastfeeding topic is quite bright in my consciousness.

Well, that's it - by the time you're reading this June will be over for another year! Craziness really. And, we all do it and feel it every month, year. The speed at which the days whittle away towards the next cycle. I suppose the thing of always doing, doing, doing hurries us along. But, really, even the days when I do not so much, it still ends up at the afternoon sun colours before I feel it should.

These are a few close-ups of the Grevillea in our front yard. Wonderfully it continues to grow and flower, despite us actually doing anything to help it along. That's the reason natives are so worthwhile in any garden.

Oh - I just realised that you probably now think I go out for meals all the time. I don't. Dinner tonight was because Ari is having a sleep-over with Sylve + Ash, we were going to go to the movies ::something we do so infrequently:: but there wasn't really anything on we could compromise on, or worth seeing!

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