Saturday, 11 August 2007

how to :: tire out a boy

A beautiful day today. Glorious weather. Lovely morning at markets - almond croissants + fresh strawberries + coffee + sitting in the sun + conversation + watching Ari walking all around the field just because he wanted to. Waving to us from the other side.

Then quiet time for me! Mishi slept for hours :: Sam + Ari went for a walk :: I sat on the couch an read a magazine. I have not read any of my magazines for longer than 5 minutes as of late. It was wonderful. I did not wash up. I did not hang nappies on the line. I did not clean, tidy, sew, imputer. I did not feel guilty about not doing any of these. I lazed on the couch and felt happy.

With the afternoons becoming longer (Winter is gone already), we went for a walk with the soccer ball to the local school. We did this last week with Ash, and everyone had heaps of fun. Again, it was exuberating + fun to run after the ball, throw it to Ari, kick it to Sam. This is a perfect way to tire out Ari before the evening routine of dinner, teeth brushing, stories, songs, bed.

He is learning to throw, catch, kick the ball really well. Chasing it everywhere, giggling crazily, not being too upset if we don't give him the ball every time, or if he doesn't catch it every time.

Arhhhh that childhood innocence of having your parents dote on you, not knowing that in a few short years if you can't catch (like your Mother), you'll be a bit embarrassed! Hopefully, they'll both inherit their father's general sportiness.

At least I'm not the only one. When others at high school were out on a Wednesday afternoon kicking, throwing, running, these are the sports I partook of :: yoga, photography (yes, that was offered as a sport at high school!), drama "sports". I did do tennis for a few terms, to indulge my Mum's fantasy of us being good at it, as she had been.*

When the afternoon shadows stretched across the grass we took home a tired, but happy boy.

*Strange note of how things all seem to fit together, in a small world type way :: Sam was very close to becoming a pro tennis player, as his parents dreamed of. He was very good at it, and could very well have been a great pro. If he hadn't discovered skateboarding. I would possibly never have met him, had he been a pro tennis player. That's how things happen. Though, if I had become a great tennis player, and he was too - then we could have met that way.... hmmmm...

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  1. Looks like he had a wonderful day :)


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