Saturday, 18 August 2007

looking at you kid

All photos taken by Ari, while on our daily outing.

I've been thinking more and more, lately, why kids have to grow up - well, more why we have to end up losing that part of being a child that teaches us to look more, and listen more, and not put our own emotions and perspective on everything. Children take everything at face value - and learn so much more by it.

Being with a young child is so wonderful, when I am really with him. He sees so much more than me when we're on our walks out and about. I think that I know everything about where we are, or I'm thinking about the next thing that will be happening. Whereas Ari is totally there.

I've started letting him take some photos of things he wants. Trying to teach him how to look at the camera and see if he likes what he sees before he takes the photo. This is teaching me not to be so selective about what I take photos of - of what I look at, and see, and notice. Things don't need to be so perfect or beautiful or sculptural to be "worthy" of being photographed.

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