Wednesday, 8 August 2007

showing off

I'm so super-duper happy, and proud of these two little bags I've just posted off today. They have taken a little bit of time to actually get finished - what with all the baby::kid interruptions! I put thought into all the steps and took things slowly. I actually ironed the fabric before I started sewing, I pressed the seams in place. This is something I never do. I'm not an iron-er at all, I'll only iron my clothes if they desperately need it.

The stitches are straight. My sewing lines are straight. I normally rarely cut straight, which doesn't bode well for sewing straight. But I did this time, I did! I don't know all the technical terms for the stitches I did, but that doesn't matter. The finished products are neat, tidy, pretty....

Sam's even impressed with me. He's sort of showed them off too, and let me talk excitedly with him about how well they turned out. He's even rambled with me, and we've mulled over the possibility that I could maybe, just maybe sell some if I continue to make them as prettily / neatly.

I hope they are received happily. Made especially for the birthday's of my nephew's mum (my brother's ex) and her daughter (my nephew's half sister - who is turning one). I included this same book in the bag for her.

So, hopefully over the next bit of time I can refine the patterns I made + polish the sewing techniques to produce something that I could offer for sale. That really would be so wonderful. As, well, it would be excellent if I could try to contribute to our income while being able to spend the days with my little ones. So, what I'd like to do is make a few more, as practice and for the fun of it. If anyone out there reading this (I think there are a few, couple, one!!?? of you) likes the idea of having one of my practice bags, please comment as I'd love to give some away - possibly like the little "lingerie" purse.

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