Tuesday, 7 August 2007

small moments

A drawing of the ferris wheel we want to ride on
It's been a busy, long, fun, laughing, tired, sick, whingy week. I'll hopefully be back feeling on top of it all in the next few days. Ari has chicken pox and seems to have turned into ::the biggest whingy kid I have ever met:: (Ok, not really - but more than I've ever seen him before). At the same time Mishi has decided that she doesn't want to lie down, sit in her rocker, her high-chair, on the grass, on the rug - she just wants to be in my arms. Plus, she doesn't seem to want to sleep for longer than half an hour at a time.
::Am I being whingy now?::

In between all this we've had some marvellous, beautiful moments. After a particularly trying day, I went out for a peaceful, entertaining, adult dinner with two great friends. School friends, who are luckily still wonderful friends now. We took Mischa with us, she was on her best behaviour - cooed, smiled, drank milk, then slept! We had dinner, conversation, laughing, understanding, listening. Then we moved on to a little cafe and had tea and live music and more gentle, relaxing conversation. I don't think I've been out for dinner on my own (without Sam or Ari) in a very long time. It really is a necessary of life.

This weekend Ash was visiting with us, so Sam took the boys round the corner with their skateboards to do a bit of rolling. Ari is learning to stand on his own, and Ash is getting over his fear and doesn't lie on his tummy so much anymore! Mish and I went up after a while to watch them, and encourage. Then we kicked the ball around :: Something I don't do very often at all! All in all a beautiful, glorious day out with the boys. We vowed to do it again more regularly. Me too. Rather than sending Sam out with the boys (to give me quiet time), I really enjoyed myself too.

And then, on Sunday - Ari, Mishi and I spent a lovely few hours sitting and drawing, talking, sewing. (I'll show sewing photos soon. Have a few final touches to put on the presents that I'm making and need to post. But very happy with the results!).

There seems to be so much, and yet nothing, happening in my life. I have lots of plans happening in my mind. And a few, just a small few, I'm pushing into happening. Taking things little-by-little.

I've set up a little sewing table in the corner of Ari's play room. It's really his bedroom, but as he hasn't slept in there for months now, and I took his bed out ages ago, I finally thought about setting up a little corner for myself. I haven't had any time::energy to turn it into the inspirational, crafty corner I want to show. But, I have been using it in my few spare::quiet moments.

I'm really so super happy with the idea of having my own little spot in the house. My own corner, where I can tell the boys not to touch, and I can have my own ideas there. Living in a little two-bedroom house with four people (okay, two are young kids/babies), and a lot of stuff (read :: junk), means that none of us have our own actual space. Yes, yes. I decorate the house, luckily Sam + I have similar personalities + ideas + creative-thought processes.

So, hopefully I'll be able to continue doing a lot more sewing. Which I really love. Generally I'm quick, lazy, wanting immediate results, and I get bored with things easily (a true Gemini). But maybe, just maybe, having this little space where I don't always have to pack up every night - it might encourage and allow and force me to be more dedicated to creating.

::There'll be more catch-up tomorrow. This flu-thing has baffled the cohesion words in my brain::

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  1. I try to have a mix of quick projects and long ones. That way I can get that instant satisfaction :)


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