Monday, 17 September 2007

21 + giraffes

Giraffes on the horizon. These metal structures /cranes look like a parade of giraffes.

I went to yoga today, after about five weeks of not going. A whole heap of reasons why I haven't been for so long :: me being a little teeny tiny bit lazy is not number one, but definitely up there! On the back of the toilet door I saw a little sign, once I'd sat down, that said ::

"21 ...... are you making or breaking. It only takes 21 days to make or break a habit. What are you doing?" (Or something like that anyway).

So, I got me thinking that I really want to commit to yoga. I used to be very good at my practice, and actually quite good at yoga :: it is one of those things that does need dedication and you can't fake it. Over the past possibly four years (since being pregnant and having kids basically), I've not had as much time, motivation, dedication as I would like. So now that I can drive myself there (did I not mention that I finally got my licence a fortnight ago. Yes, I'm 29 and on my provisional licence. But the real point is that now I can drive!), I'm hoping I can stick to being more dedicated to it. Let's see how I go over the next month.....

Onto more fun matters :: Yesterday we met Momo and her beautiful family at the markets. We had said hello to each other the week before, but not had time to stay and chat. So yesterday it was really lovely to sit down with Momo and her husband, and their sweet adorable little boy. So great to meet people and have things to talk about, and things in common. Our boys are so close in age, it would be wonderful for them to get to know each other, possibly become friends. I can only say that my kid didn't start off too well, with his rough ways! He did used to be so sweet and soft, and quiet - and often he still is, just lately he's sort of turned into a bit of a crazy, loud kid... hmmmm hope both sides of him find an equilibrium soon.
Momo was definitely the most stylish woman at the market, in her subtle way, with that lovely floppy hat and her great sense of fashion. Oliver, too, was so beautifully dressed - as he often seems to be by looking at his photos.
I do so want to try and see if we can become more friends than just acquaintances.

Kitchen rainbows. I'm really loving watching the sunlight move across our new stainless steel appliances, making rainbows and sparkles across the room.

Life has been so hectic as of late. The kitchen renovation continues. Sam has spent the last four days prepping and painting the walls. Unfortunately the red that we choose for our walls, when we were at the paint shop, isn't quite the same one that is now on our walls. It seems they mixed the colour a little bit wrong. And the ochre-ish reddish we had anticipated is now more vermilion. And then, of course, the trim colour doesn't match. We are waiting until the morning to see the trim dried, but I think they won't work together. And, also, totally detract from the amazing bench top...... So, that's bit disappointing. I'll call the paint shop in the morning, hoping they can at least give us some more trim colour - as I think maybe we can live with the red walls. Bright as they are!

Here's just a few pics of the kids from the past few weeks. Kids are changing all over again. Mish not crawling yet, but doing a lot of the practice movements of rocking on her hands and knees. Soon, soon, or maybe she'll just hop up and walk! She grows more beautiful each day, her smiles and laughs more clear, directed to you so lovely. She loves Ari so much, they have wonderful giggle sessions together. I can see that they will be such a cheeky team.

And Ari is getting to be more of an adult, grown up in his speech and language, his mannerisms, his way of interacting with the world. Quite a worldly boy, so sure of himself. He knows that he is so truly loved and adored.

Sparkling hair + shinning freshly made 'moon-melon juice'.

On the other hand - he is turning more cheeky all the time. A lot of "If I want to I can" - well, no you can't if I say you can't. (As in "I can have a biscuit now if I want to"). He gets quite over-excited sometimes, and goes into overdrive. Also, he has sometimes to say all the time - yes, all the time. This is really so wonderful, interesting, he observes so much and understands so much. A lot of things he sees and hears I never even notice. Sometimes the talking talking talking.... well, there's not a lot of silence around here mostly. Yet really, I wouldn't have it any other way, would I?

We discovered, last week, that Brisbane does in fact have a beach. Luckily is was high tide, and not the mud flats when we arrived. Watching the tide turn out, Ari was asking why was the the water draining out. We can't wait to get back here and have another lovely day.

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