Saturday, 15 September 2007

the swing of things

Lately life has been very draining - physically. Emotionally, it has been rewarding, fulfilling, exciting. So, I suppose the see-saw scales is okay - as long as we keep a fairly steady balance somewhere.

I do, though, feel some nights, as if I have been drained of everything. I cannot drag myself to clean or wash or sew or think or write. I cannot sometimes drag myself even to bed. Yet, still I have energy from the love and laughs of the day. I mentioned to my mother-in-law today that Mishi doesn't sleep for longer than half an hour at a time, during the day :: she asked me how I do it. Hmmmm. I'm not actually sure how. But, you know cause you do it too. Just keep on doing it.

Well, I do it because of the simple and unexpected kisses that Ari gives me during the day. He just leans over and puckers up for a little kiss. His soft lips on mine - yes, sometimes his lips are stick and covered in food - but does that matter. Never, ever, ever. I love that he has that moment of love welling up inside him and just listens and lets it take over, and that he acts on it.

He used to ask us why we were smiling at him - when we said cause we loved him, he didn't quite understand in a way to actualise that love. Now he does. And even though he doesn't want to give Mishi kisses goodnight, I see the love he has for her numerous times throughout the day.

Both the little ones seem to be coming to phases of extreme change and growth. Mishi, now 7 months is not yet crawling, but is involving and entertaining and showing more and more of her own personality every day. Possibly she won't crawl, but seems to want to go straight to walking. And Ari, who will be 3 in only 6 or so weeks, gives us a new word every day, a new dance or phrase or look or ........ He discovers and observes and anticipates and understands.

Such a true pleasure for me to share my days with these little marvels. The love, tenderness, sweetness of my life because of those two beings.

Lately we have been going out almost every day. Did I mention that I finally have my licence? Well, yes, now I can drive where ever and whenever. So, we have been doing things and finding places and visiting and exploring.

Just a few photos of our days over the past few weeks.

I feel :: hope finally to catch up, feel more on top of things sometime soon. The kitchen is currently being painted, sanding only just been finished. Soon, we will get back into the swing of things (well, the swing of something anyway :: or the see-saw :: the slide :: the ........)

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  1. so sweet, Ellie! Getting through this stage of their childhood can be so draining - it's fantastic that you're just rolling with it and enjoying those joyful moments.

    Congrats on getting the drivers license!


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