Thursday, 6 September 2007

new blooms

Well, Spring is here already. The jasmine flowers are spilling over fences and filling the air with their intoxicating and heady aroma. These flowers always make me think of our wedding - we wore the blossoms in our hair, and wove them around the basket handles that our flower girl carried. That was more than three years ago now - so I really love the little triggers to my memory of seeing the pink buds burst open into those pungent fragile white blooms.
This little red soapstone canister was a gift from my loved one - Sam - for our anniversary. It has a lovely dragonfly on the other side. I like the space/home it's already found to live. Maybe only temporary at the moment, as our decorating flows and changes and evolves.

The lovely blond bench is our new kitchen bench. It's ply wood - first quality (I think. I wasn't there to do the shopping. My Dad + Sam did that, and got stuck for hours in a fire drill while at it!). Behind is the not yet painted old old wall - some very interesting views of that over here! The kitchen is very simple - exactly the way we want it. Yet, while simple, the attention to detail adds so many other facets of depth and warmth.

My Dad is a wonderful builder, a craftsman. He built our family home, where I grew up - and my Dad now lives on his own. I have so many memories of hearing the hammer bang, the saw cutting its teeth through second-hand, pre-loved timber. The house was always - still is - evolving. A constant in our growing up, of my Mum + Dad adding new rooms, buildings, extensions. Yet, always, always, in a simple way. Minimal walls, lots of windows and open doors to be outside as much as we were inside. This still is my home, my heart-home.

Our new kitchen, in my adult home, is still in process. Currently we are again at my in-laws' for a few days, while my Dad does the finishing bits. We have been living in the kitchen for the past week and a half - and I LOVE it so much. Not only because the previous one was so old, and dirty and.... hated. But because this one is so open, simple, big benches, lovely finishes. And because my Dad built it for us.

Both Sam + I knew that we didn't need to be really specific about exactly what we wanted. We talked with my Dad, yet knew that he would do what was the best thing. He has such an eye, a talent, a mind for creating beautiful pieces of art. His attention to detail is just perfect. We are lucky to have such a talented artistic craftsman.
At present I have no photos of the kitchen in building mode. When I am back at my own computer, and camera cables and such, then I will show the process of the kitchen building. And also, hopefully, hopefully - a finished product. Though of course we still haven't chosen a paint colour. We are waiting to see what hues the timber will turn out to be. The blond ply bench top is edged in a lovely red timber, the bench uprights (the whole frame) is a rich red, with the shelves the same ply. There are to be no cabinet doors, just open shelves - I hate opening and closing doors! And no overhead cupboards, only a few shelves up on the wall. Simple simple. Yet rich with love, thought, depth, memories. (Dad just told me to today that one of the pieces of wood he is using, was once used by my Mum, for her pottery work. We will need to paint it, but I so love love love the thought/memory of that piece under my oven having been something that my Mum layed her own pieces of work/art/ceramics on).
Our family will grow around and within this kitchen :: made by my Dad's hands + heart :: with pieces from my Mum :: I will remember this everyday when I cook, eat, live in this little room - on my own and with my family. Laughing, cooking, eating, drinking, talking, growing, learning, exploring.........


  1. What beautiful flowers :)

  2. My husband's father has built two kitchens for us (in the same house). We are serial remodelers, and I think my children will grow up with memories similar to yours-hammers hammering, saws sawing, dust drifting. I just hope it doesn't turn them off from working on their own houses one day.


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