Thursday, 6 September 2007

flamingo crash'

Check out our boys on this film clip, by a local Brisbane band. One day when we were at a festival (refugee day), we were asked if the boys wanted to be part of filming for the new clip for the band Flamingo Crash. We had never heard of the band (and the music wasn't quite what we normally listen to), but they seemed nice, young, local... plus - well any excuse to have fun and (try to) make our kids famous!!

Ari is the kid twirling round and round with the balloon, and then you can see Ash + Ari dancing (jumping) nearer to the end of the clip (timer 2.28). Ash with long pants and stripey t-shirt (timer at 2.22), Ari with shorts and long bluey shirt. There are also a few shots of Ash drawing - that curly snail is his!
So, a few moments of fame for our boys.

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  1. Hi Ellie,
    I answered your how-to question on my blog, in the same post you commented on. :) LA


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