Wednesday, 17 October 2007


We went to the fabric store today, to buy some particular colours and bits - mainly to match all this. Somehow match, will still being a little quirky, or something.... I don't have a massive fabric stash like a lot of other people. Sewing has been an on-off past-time for me over the years with not a lot of dedication. So I have never felt the justification for purchasing or hoarding fabric. My Mum used to have a massive basketful, but she gave it all away years ago to someone else - as none of her children were using it. I wish now that there was something left of it. So, I'll start my own stash for my children. Or use it all...

Actually, I was very impressed with the fabrics available. I haven't been to this particular shop for a while, they have so much stuff, but often a lot of junk. Today, there was a massive selection of quilting quality fabric, beautiful cottons, with special prints. Still, nothing quite like these ones I've fallen in love with. I've got some stuff for sale on ebay, with the hope of topping up my paypal account - so I can simply spend it!

Well, I'm not actually really sure I got any good base colours - as in bag interiors and such. But I did find some more fabric to love and anticipate cutting and sewing. And, for once in my life I pre-washed the fabric. The windy afternoon helped flicked and flapped the pieces on the line, drying them quickly.I have a fun, exciting little project just starting. Something that I've been dreaming about for a while, and talking about, and now little bits are starting to happen. Hopefully things fall into place. I'll keep you posted in a few weeks. Meanwhile, I have a lot of sewing catch-up planned for this weekend. Ari is going to Sidi's birthday party, with Sylve + Ash. I'll be sad to miss out, but having him go away for a few nights without Sam or me will be really good for him. And for us! Sam will be doing a bit of extra kid-watching this weekend, too, so I have some head space for thinking / sewing.
The kids were really good while out "fabric-ing". Mish was happy just to sit and taste what the store had to offer :: cloth really is quite tasty if you give it a go. And Ari found the bin where all the end-of-roll tubes were being thrown out. Thankfully he only needed to bring one home.

We spent some time this afternoon, Ari asking me to build the tube into something. I had to think what. He didn't know. So, not quite wide enough for a telescope. Pretty fun to whisper secrets in, and hear from the other end. Even more fun as a didgeridoo, where we can make noise and talk a little about what it is, and decorate it. We checked out u-tube for some playing and music with the didg. This weekend just past, we actually went to the art gallery and saw the dot paintings of the Indigenous Australians. So, Ari dotted and dotted his tube. Of course, he then wanted me to stick some other piece of drawing over that only half an hour later.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention the constant whinging and moaning from them both this afternoon. I keep telling myself that this phase won't last for long. Where Ari hits, pushes, shoves Mish for no reason. Where she won't play on her own for more than a moment, and if she is - then Ari will choose that moment to snatch her toy or scream at her, which she hates, so she'll cry. And then...... Soon, I hope, wish, must, must, must .... soon there will be some sort of equilibrium and general ease of our days. But currently it tires me out so much. We don't do anything, and I'm exhausted. I have plans of achieving, doing, exploring, learning, teaching, playing, cleaning :: yet, often these past two weeks I've not done anything. We've just hung out, read stories, played in our backyard, whinged, cried (me included), hung about. Ah well, we still roll into bed together happily. We read our bedtime stories, we hug and laugh and, most importantly, we love.

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