Sunday, 14 October 2007

a tale of a nap and a sleep-over

Ari had a sleep-over at Sylve + Ashey's last night, and we didn't pick him up until 5.30 this afternoon. Sam went to work today - one more of the perks of retail is working on Sundays! And Mishi had a decent sleep for an hour or so. What this means is :: I had some time all on my own at home. This is very rare for me, actually more than rare, practically extinct. I think that last time was possibly before Mish was born, or the few minutes when Sam walks to the corner store with both kids to buy milk. Believe me :: today was glorious.

I had some time to make a coffee, make bread, clean the kitchen (well, no - I didn't finish all the washing up, okay Sam I'm admitting it!). And the, I had time to photograph some of the beautiful fabrics that I recently purchased and are urging and calling me to make things with them. And of course the book that is giving me such creative inspiration. I promise I won't talk about this book all week, but it really has pushed me to do some really great sewing. A lot of the projects are simple and easy and achievable - that's what I really like about it. Things I can do, could have done without the book :: but things that I haven't done, the book has showed me the tips and simplified and prompted me and inspired me.

I finished two aprons today - well one last night and one today while Mish slept. I can't show either of them yet as they are gifts for dear sweet little girls. So, in a few weeks I'll be able to show you my handiwork. Let me just say, that I am so super-duper happy with the results. Proving to me again that I can actually sew. And that if I follow the rules from Amy - and know when to break them - then the results are better and better.

I also finally photographed the adorable clothing that a very dear and special friend posted to Mish a few weeks ago. She also sent some lovely wooden toys for Ari, but currently they are scattered throughout the house and car :: A great wooden egg shaker, a bright yellow spinning top, but unfortunately the toy drum was confiscated by customs on the trip over from the UK. The clothes are too big for Mish, which means I get to spend the next year(s) looking at them - that sop especially is so so so beautiful, almost exactly like one I want to try and make for myself.

So, this is my inspiration for today. A lot of sewing and girly fabrics. A lot of ideas and thoughts and wishes and hopes for near future plans.

An amazing more than two hour phone conversation with my big sister was a wonderful close to today. With everyone in bed in both our houses we talked about so much stuff, agreeing and wishing we lived closer so we could have conversed across a table, cups of tea in hands.

And finally, the fingernail moon we watched in the early evening sky. The fading and darkening to deep dark blue with the glowing slither of light.

Of course, a day at home all alone with my little girl was the most inspirational of all. She played happily on her own, ate lunch with me - well, spread rice all over the floor - giggled and chatted and crawled and pulled herself trying to walk. Each day I see a little more of the woman she may become, each day I feel excited about the relationship we have now and in our future. I had such a strong closeness with my Mum, and still have a deep respect and love for her, that I know good things are in store for us. Mish and me.

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