Monday, 12 November 2007

4.15 :: 6.15

Saturday 4.15pm. West End. Waiting for baklava.
Accompanied by :: three kids in the back of the car, finally silenced by Bear + Chook stories.
Preceded by :: a tasty + entertaining picnic at a riverside park, with close family.
Followed by :: a relaxing cup of tea + baklava and Turkish delight, with same family.

Sunday 6.15pm. Home. Waiting for dinner (take-away).
Accompanied by :: few moments of silence and own time, at home. Kids in bed early after big play-day. Sam out getting the Indian take-away.
Preceded by :: a great, noisy, hectic, talkative impromptu afternoon with Sylve + Ash. And a morning at a little party for a 3-yr old friend.
Followed by :: quiet dinner with Sam. Kids were still in bed!

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