Tuesday, 13 November 2007

finished! :: gifting

Sewing lately has been a bit too few and far between. Moments of no kids seem to be times of tiredness and guilt at not cleaning the house. I keep getting more fabric, so really must start using it. Just wanted to show a few of the projects that have been finished lately :: so I feel like I'm achieving something! And a little peek of my delicious, make-me-feel-happy swing tag that Sam designed for me. I'll have to get you a real image soon.

Apron + little tote for my Niece's birthday. Apron is made from a beautiful old dress, and some fairy fabric (maybe AH fabric?) I've had in my stash. Tote is great thick purple cotton, also from my stash and Alexander Henry 'Birdseed' in pink (which I love love love, and want to use on so many projects).

Apron + Head band, both kids versions from Bend the Rules (yes, again!). I've sewn the apron twice now, and I know next time it will be almost perfect. Also Alexander Henry 'Birdseed', in yellow with purple backing and pocket trimming. Ari choose the colours - and I love the combination. And that little head band - oooh, I am so going to be making a heap more of them in all different sizes and colours for all different people. It took me about ten minutes all up to sew, with Ari hanging off my arm. I'm going to make some with elastic for Mish as well :: will be too hard tying a ribbon on her head! They're for a little friend of his who turned three. She's a red-head, so I think the orange/yellow head band will really work well.

Kids Discovery Messenger Tote - Jumping Fish. For my nephew, whose birthday was a little while ago! I made the pattern myself :: I really like the stitching on the strap, and have been working on a few more bags with similar straps. The book is a great second-hand find :: an Indian myth / memory story written by a really excellent Indian cook-book author. This is the same fabric as my skirt :: my aunt found it second hand (she's a Queen at op-shopping), and gave it to me!

On the actual selling of my bags :: well, two have sold at the shop. Which, yes, is exciting - but I did have hopes of them all selling out - okay, not all, but a couple more than a few. Anyway, I'm taking it slowly, easing into this thing of wanting to sew and do and make and produce :: and maybe then sell.

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  1. Well aren't you the gifty/gifted one. Your presents are all so wonderful and thoughtful! I especially love that last bag, the messenger one. Such a cool strap!


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