Wednesday, 21 November 2007

if you live in brisbane :: or if not

I was really exicted when I received an email from a friend this week, about a little market happening this weekend. Not just to sort out a few Plan B ideas, but mainly to treat myself (or maybe just my eyes...) to a few presents of my own. All local artists selling :: showing off their beautiful wares. So, in keeping with buying handmade, I will be there.

Christmas Design Market :: this Sunday 25th November :: 9am - 5pm :: GOMA gallery store forecourt ::

:: Blossom Creations :: not just a great designer, Erin is environmentally conscious in all aspects of her work and production. I really respect and admire any artists for this, more so when they strive to make it a primary aspect of their business. (I met her this week, it was lovely to put a face to her blog and beautiful creations).

:: Shannon Garson :: I have coveted her amazing, intricate, delicate porcelian since I somehow happened across her blog ages ago. I am taking pocket money to spend here (I hope!).

Plus many more beautiful, talented, artist, crafty.

If you don't live in Brisbane, please visit my other local (as in, I'm there every day!) hang-outs. I've already spent my pocket (bag :: Servo paycheck) money out in the Blue Yonder. Beautiful pieces of art with stories that make sense to my life.

All of this talent - local :: global - makes me long to have more time, energy, etc, etc, etc to be focussing more on doing something of my own. Yet, I know that my baby time now is so short, and things will slip into place eventually.


  1. I love your banner with all of your sweet totes hanging there ;o)

  2. Great Brissie tips - wish I could have made it to the GOMA market to meet the fabulous local crafters.

    I apologise in advance if it's against your blog religion but you've been tagged...


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