Monday, 21 January 2008


I have just added my name to the list of two swaps that will be happening soon. Very exciting. I have been involved in one 'blog swap', and I really enjoyed it. I loved the making of my swap, thinking about the person I was sending it to, what her family was like, and also thinking about the possibilities of what I would receive in return. I never imagined the beautiful wreath that arrived on Christmas Eve. Thank you Tonya - I still have it hanging inside, as I'm not ready to pack it up yet.

Sarah's Valentine Exchange will be lovely, sweet, fun. Making and receiving a card of love from someone unknown - how perfectly Valentine. I made some simple little New Year cards for my family :: friend list. They were a bit late - which is why they were New Year and not Christmas cards! Little fabric scraps cut into a dove shape (my sister said it looked more like a duck, oh well), glued onto cardstock. On the back I wrote messages of peace, contentment, fulfillment, love and joy for the coming year. Maybe this year I'll manage to get them sent in time for Christmas. Wouldn't it be lovely to have the inspiration from this swap and make Valentine cards for all my family. Maybe I'll talk to Ari about it.
Stefani's book swap is such an unusual, fantastic idea. I was only thinking the other day that I haven't properly read a book for a few years now (hmmm, almost since Ari was about six months old or so :: lost some part of my reading and retaining paragraphs brain). This will be a perfect jump for me to start my beloved reading again. It has also inspired my to finally send the book that I bought (a few years ago) with my friend in mind. I read and loved it, possibly a few times, and now I can finally send it on to her. Of course this swap involves some new learned craft, what an added bonus!

I wish I had been able to add my name to the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap, but seeing as how I have practically no idea of what Gocco is (apart from all the amazing images I keep seeing in blogland), I'll just have to check out all the final results.

I keep thinking about a swap I'd like to start of my own. There are a few I have in mind. But for now, I have things at home that need starting and organising and prioritising. But I do have a giveaway planned, coming up soon (ish) for a special event :: celebration. So, keep a lookout!

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  1. Hi Ellie great to hear from you, I really appreciate your kind words. I saw your bags at the Servo too! They're gorgeous.


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