Monday, 21 January 2008


was a good day. We had wonderful + creative play, learning, fun, games, laughing, songs, peek-a-boo (this is what Ari calls hide and seek), joke-learning, sleep.

The builders arrived a little after Play School.
They worked well together,
until lunch was called and they downed tools.

For some miraculous reason Ari slept for 1 1/2 serene hours. He simply curled up behind me in bed, while I was feeding Mish for a mid-day sleep. She took a little bit more playing and games until finally succumbing to sleep half an hour later.

We started work on a project I have had in my mind for ages now. I have been wanting to do a journal of sorts with Ari, and eventually Mishi. I myself am not much of a scrapbooker or journaler, or even photo album organiser. My aim is for special drawings and photographs to happen daily, or at least once a week, and me to form them into some sort of book :: journal shape. I loved bookbinding at TAFE a few years ago (ummm ten years now), and have wanted to start trying a few things based on those preliminary learnings.

Today's drawings were based on a current fascination Ari has with cicadas.
We have been hearing them every day this Summer. At home they are a background drone, and at my Dad's and sister's houses they are louder, more obvious, often intense. A few have flown in live,
or left their empty shells for us to discover in the garden.
He has dressed up as a cicada with flowing blanket :: capes, with face paint :: make-up, with imaginary wings and sounds.Even guessing games have revolved around these little creatures, "I hide in the forest, I'm small, you can't see me, I make loud noises. Guess what I am, Mummy".

Our soundtracks today were BB King & Eric Clapton :: Riding with the King and Miles Davis :: Kind of Blue. The first is great for jumping, singing, washing-up. The second both kids seem to really like, jazzing their little bodies about (Ari's shoulders up and down, Mishi's head bomping up and down), and Ari declaring "I like this one". My Dad would be proud that these little ones like Miles. Amazing sounds on this album, please stop and listen to it for a moment. I could have it on repeat for hours on end.

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  1. what a sweet day. I love his cicadas.


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