Friday, 22 February 2008

birthday photos

I just wanted to add a few photos of Mishi's birthday, as I only loaded them onto my computer. We had a lovely afternoon party for her birthday, at her Grandparents' house. I was too busy, being busy, to take photos. And a simple breakfast on her actual birthday, at home :: Sam was late for work + Ashy was late for school.
But, I have some sweet ones from her birthday breakfast, at home. Ashy + Ari sang her silly songs - thankfully we got it on video. We stuck some candles into playdough, and put it out of her reach - a one year old isn't so good at knowing not what to touch! Pancake/pikelets have been a big hit in our house with all kids (and adults), since our new kitchen makes it much easier and more fun to whizz them up. Quick, easy, tasty breakfast. We love them with frozen blueberries or raspberries, yoghurt and syrup or honey. (Looking at her berry stained singlet, I'm glad I didn't dress her up for birthday breakfast!).

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