Friday, 22 February 2008

breakfast conversation :: fruit mythology

In our house, we have quite a few breakfasts (and morning tea, a couple of lunches, and at least three afternoon snacks, before pre-dinner nibbles, and then finally dinner). Yesterday, Ari and I had breakfast number 2, after Sam had gone to work, and Mishi was having her morning (half an hour!) nap.
It's so lovely to sit down with a (not quite) three and a half year old. He is a wonderful conversationalist, funny, generous. We love those simple moments of doing everyday things, and putting a little specialness or ceremony into it. I had a cup of tea, Ari had warm honey milk. He chose the cups for us to use, setting them out on his little table.
When I frothed his milk (with a great little whizzer we got for $3.49 from the supermarket), he told me I was like a cap-a-machino person. ie: a waitress. He likes playing that game - I set the table with a pretty cloth, and serve them like in a cafe.

I also had to show you these beautiful images of a pomegrante we had this week. Ari doesn't like them (but, truthfully, there is a lot that he doesn't like), but Mishi really loved it. Picking up the teeny little juicy jewels with such delicate fingers. I love pomegrantes for so much more than their flavour. They are like treasure, mystical, luscious.
Remember the story of Persephone who only ate three seeds, while in the Underworld, with Hades, and was therefore made to stay for three months of every year down in the depths of the Earth. While her mother, Demeter, mourned her loss creating Winter. Then rejoiced and danced throughout Spring and Summer, when she returned.

I had to leave you with this tender, precious, heart-melting photo of my two special little creatures. Mishi leant into this hug so enthusiastically, and they both stayed there for more than a few moments. True love between brother and sister. Also, she has started saying a word that sounds a little like brother ("bo bu" or something like that). Or, are we just romantacising it?!


  1. What beautiful moments... all of them!

    Great pomegranates!

    I love those fleeting sweet moments between brother and sister. Hard to capture when you are actually holding a camera. Nice work!

  2. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Lovely images and words on your site. I loved your birthday note to your daughter. I wish I had done similar to catch the memories when they were little. I thought I would remember each minute forever, but now that the older one is nearly 18, there are too many minutes to remember!Followed your link from Soulemama. Regards from a wet and windy Scotland.

  3. Anonymous1:08 pm

    Love the Capamachino maker El! Lovely words. Great images. Good to be your bro

  4. This is the sweetest post. I drifted here from your most recent post using LinkWithin. I wish I could join you for a breakfast like this with Ari. Or a mid-morning snack. Or a second breakfast.


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