Thursday, 13 March 2008

baby steps

I feel so slack not having posted about this earlier - seeing as how this blog is supposed to be some form of record-keeping of my children's' growing up. Arh well, I'm doing it now, hey!

Mishi has been standing more and more confidently these past few weeks, and taking steps. The first time she walked more than one tumbly step, I wasn't in the room. But since then, she has been getting steadier on her feet, and feeling so proud of herself. She often doesn't walk if you ask her to, she doesn't like it to be a 'show'. But if you ask her to give something to someone on the other side of the room, she wobbles off happily. Standing up and sitting down are easy for her now, which means when she starts to feel wobbly she just sits down, then gets herself up again.
Mainly, she is still crawling, but the walking is happening more and more each day. And she dances, too. Such excellent body swaying - holding herself steady in the middle of the floor and clapping and swinging, and leg bopping. She sure has some excellent rhythm. And she loves clapping, when she hears someone singing about 'clap your hands'.

She is also saying more sounds with little words forming. I'm sure no-one else hears them, but I sure do. When we sang Happy Birthday yesterday at our morning tea picnic*, she surely sung 'ha' and then clapped her hands, and held her arms up above her head in excitement.
More and more she knows what she wants, and she sure tells us. Already I can see that she is a little drama queen, and that she knows how to work it! She also knows so much of what is happening around her, and wants to be involved in everything that Ari or Ashi does. This morning Ari was sitting on a soccer ball, and Mishi simply had to do it too. She wiggled about, bottom in the air, trying to perch on the ball. And when I ask her to lay her head down for a new nappy, she plops it down on a pillow, with her bottom poking up into the air. Not the most practical way to change a nappy, but very cute to see. Often she sleeps like this** - isn't it one of the sweetest poses of a baby?
We've been dressing her in those full baby suits for bed lately (getting a bit colder here, now), and it makes her look so much like a little bub. I think I keep forgetting that she's already 13 months old - and moving closer and closer to the toddler age.
*We have to sing Happy Birthday a few times a week in our house. Ari talks and talks about his birthday quite often, even though it's not until October. So, we have a candle and sing. Sometimes a doll or teddy or baby animal has a birthday for us to celebrate. I don't mind indulging this little bit of magic, I love celebrations too.
**Not my photo or my baby. I couldn't find any photos of my own, that showed her so cute (with clothes on at least - we've had a hot Summer!). While searching flickr I found this. Looks comfy, hey!


  1. Cheers to Mischa!

    I hadn't realized our girls were so close in age. I think I thought she was older because she has such long hair (silly me).

    I love that girl+doll photo on flickr.

  2. Very cute! My little Keegan just started walking at 15 months. I guess I need to post about that too huh?!?

  3. I would simply love it if you were my neighbor. The blog will have to make up for it I suppose. :)

  4. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Hi Ellie....I used to know your Mum, Michele and her partner Andrew in Parua Bay, New Zealand back in the late 1970s.....!! I think I must have met you when you were a baby at Murwillumbah...I love Petalplum and can see many echoes of Michele. I heard that she passed suddenly a few years sad... I have fond very memories of Michele, she had a profound influence on me when I was at an impressionable age.... Drop me a line and say hello to Eric (and Andrew if you are in touch with him)

    Warmest thoughts, Jennifer Ross


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