Wednesday, 12 March 2008

my little corner

Finally found a bit of time to get some more tidying and organising, and prettying in my little corner, sewing space. It's half a room - the other half is kids toys, clothes, that sort of thing. (Really, it's our second bedroom, and Ari should be sleeping in here. But he doesn't want to - who'd want to move out of Mum + Dad's bed! - and I'm not ready to give up the sewing space).

The beautiful little acorn picture, and the b/w bust image are from Stefani's Blue Yonder etsy shop. I bought them ages ago, and have been waiting to have them on show.

I still have to put up another inspiration line, underneath the other one. Well, Sam put the first one up for me, so he'll probably do the next one. I'd also like to have a corkboard in there, but they seem hard to find lately!
The screen-printed yarrow fabric hanging down is from the very talented Erin of Blossom Creations. I have the yellow tea towel also, which I still have to find a spot for.
When I lived on my own - well, with flatmates or in my own room at my parent's house - I always had heaps and heaps of inspiration images up all over my walls. Just blu-tacked up. I really like doing that. Lots of fashion, and interiors, and colour ideas. Now that I own my home, and have spent hours and dollars painting it - well, I'm not quite so keen to use lots of blu-tack. (Ummm, actually I think it's Sam who spent most hours, and who isn't so keen).*
I'm really liking the way this little corner is shaping up. I have heaps of ideas and plans and projects that need starting and finishing (let's not get into my WIP list!). So, hopefully the kids and I will manage to keep it tidy enough for me to do a little sewing.
*Now I'm sounding like I can't do anything for myself. I can, it's just that - well, I'm a bit lazy and Sam's much better at it than me! Please, I do think of myself as a modern feminist - I just know my limitations.

That Denyse Schmidt Quilt-It Kit is proving to be wonderful inspiration. It was purchased on a lovely afternoon out on my own a few months ago.


  1. Your corner is darling! I need to hang a wire in mine. It looks like a great place for inspiration and creation.

  2. I love your little corner. I wonder if Keegan would mind if I took over his bedroom???


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