Tuesday, 4 March 2008

such sweet generosity

Yesterday, while we were at the park with our friends - Momo and Oliver - and having our little picnic lunch, Momo handed me some glorious feeling fabric. We had been talking last week about kimonos, and how I would love to have some for the fabric, as I have heard from so many people about how easy it is to get older cotton and silk kimonos in Japan. Momo said that she had some, and would see if there were any pieces she might give to me.
Well, when I saw them in the park I was so excited. Such beautiful pieces of fabric, so perfect under my fingers. I almost started thinking about what to sew them into. But, when I got home and looked properly at them - well, they weren't pieces but full kimonos. Not cut into at all. Two full kimonos. One a thickish cotton, the other is the most beautiful silk. Both lined, with hand-stitching details.
When Sam got home he put the cotton one on - it looks really good on him. He wondered if maybe he could wear it, instead of me cutting and sewing it. I'm sure Momo wouldn't mind, at least until I work up my courage to put scissors to these generous gifts. I'm not sure if I can ever cut them - I'm not really good at cutting just squares of fabric, let alone something perfectly sewn and in excellent condition (no tears, no holes, no worn parts).
Thank you Momo. You may not know what this gift means to me. It's more than two beautiful kimonos, so many possibilities of what to turn it into. It's possibilities of what our friendship is turning into. We had a lovely time at the park yesterday, with you and your sweet son.
Check out flickr for more kimono fabric detail + dress up fun.


  1. Wow! Those are amazing!!! Now are you still planning on using them for fabric? ;)

  2. Lovely kimonos - so much potential! The fabric looks so soft and full of history.


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