Monday, 3 March 2008

taking memory notes

I have started writing things in a notebook - often I totally forget things when I come here to write. Over my years, I have been a very sparodic journaller, though I have wanted to be more dedicated to personal writing. Little things, and moments, and tiny memories. I tell myself that I will remember the simple daily parts, the child-like way of saying a word, or the things we talk about. I know that so much I will never remember - so much I have forgotten already! So, here are a few snippets of thoughts - you must be getting used to that from me by now.
Copying (from an email to Anouk)
Ari has been doing sumersaults on cushions on floor, and then Mishi totally following what he is doing straight after. She goes onto the cushions and stands with her head down and bottom up, ready to roll. So quick, that copy and learn thing. Still totally overwhelms and amazes me - though, I think the tiredness pulls back a bit of the real 'wow' about a lot of things with this second child. Does that make sense?
Remembering Memories (Monday 9:08am)
The way, when she's looking at a book or something, she uses her thumb to point. Stretched out firm, with the other fingers flapped about. Poking and pointing at what she wants to show me.
The way he asks how was my sleeping. And what did I dream about. He dreamt about fireworks.
The way she is gaining confidence in her standing. Longer and longer moments of not holding onto anything. Often she doesn't realise she isn't holding on. Soon, soon she'll be walking.
The way she lunges for a hug. Putting her arms all around his body. Both of them with little smiles of pride (reflected from their parents' eyes?), and tenderness. And sometimes eyes closed, just enjoying.
The way his tongue wiggles about, slightly poked out, when he's concentrating. Writing letters and words. Peoples names in their birthday month, in his diary.
Water Babies (Thursday 10:55am)
Both my kids are water babies. They could play in, with, at water for hours on end. Water restictions, in Brisbane, mean that they'll never know the joy of running under a sprinkler on a hot day. So - we try other things. A plastic baby bath in the backyard, even a bucket to splash in or climb into. A few times lately, I have set up a plastic sheet on the floor with containers of water, sponges, cups, etc.
And the shower or bath, of course, keeps them happily entertained for lengths of time. If we mention that we're about to have a shower, Mishi heads off to the bathroom. And we find her, still fully dressed, one leg in the bath. It's almost like having to spell out the word w.a.l.k. to an excitable dog.
Added:: This week she has started taking steps. Small and tentative, and not at all if she doesn't want. But it is happening. She is standing longer and longer, and sitting down with deliberateness, rather than just falling on her bottom. Four steps last week, to her Daddy - while I was in another room (washing nappies). And yesterday, walking to Ari - who held his hands out for her, with glee that she was choosing him to walk to. And moment by moment I see that she is actually walking - will be walking within possibly no more than two weeks, probably less. And with that confidence, she is climbing stairs - up and down - with ease. Clambering up anything she can :: from the stool onto the kitchen bench :: up the big step bits at the park, and then down the slide (with scared Mama assistance). She has been climbing onto and off our couch and our bed for ages now. Everything she does now gets quicker and with more dedication and intensity and wanting.
She is also communicating is a very direct manner. Today when we walked back to where I had parked our pram she pointed at it, and indicated that it was hers and she wanted to be in it. Last night while I carried her in the sling, and then when I took it off, she pulled at it, grunting, and told me she wanted to lie with it tucked around her.


  1. chikaustin7:23 am

    I could kick myself for not writing down those moments. It's not too late is it? Thanks for reminding me!

  2. Anonymous2:55 pm

    Sounds like mish points like you did!!


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